Did you know that food drying is the world’s most ancient form of food preservation?

Here are a few health benefits of Solar Dried Foods:

  • It has no preservatives, GMO materials or chemical additives – just the dried food itself!

  • It is portable and very easy to store – doesn’t take up much space in your shelves and you can eat it whenever you please!

  • It can account for healthy snacks packed with vitamins, fibre & minerals – a handful of Solar’s dried mango, tomato or banana can offer a healthy replacement to many sugar-filled, unhealthy snacks

  • It reduces waste and is environmentally-friendly

  • Dried fruit is a healthy choice for diabetics instead of dessert

  • Can be used in stews, gravy, soups and various dishes

  • Solar dried tomatoes are packed with antioxidants, fibre, vitamin K, protein, calcium, magnesium & phosphorus for strong bones and a healthy heart

  • Solar dried paprika is full of antibacterial proteins and vitamin C, which protects against cold, scurvy and protects the cardiovascular system

  • Solar dried garlic is packed with iron, copper, phosphorus and manganese for a healthy skeleton

  • Solar dried meat advantages include reduced exposure to antibiotic-resistant bacteria

  • Solar dried jalapenos have various nutritional benefits like heart-healthy vitamins, antioxidants and it decreases inflammation, as well as promotes weight loss

  • Solar dried Thai chili is a natural pain reliever, fights inflammation, clears congestion, has various cardiovascular benefits, boosts immunity, prevents stomach ulcers and lowers the risk of diabetes

Energy Saving Tips for the Environment

Every year, a carbon footprint is produced by releasing greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. Similarly, a food-print is also produced through hidden emissions of the foods humans choose to eat. Unlike vehicles, no one can see greenhouse gases getting released from a piece of barbequed steak or a delicious burger, but that does not mean it doesn’t exist. Some foods even release more carbon dioxide than others!
In addition to that, even though it is not obvious, there is a direct link between your use of energy and our environment. When you reduce your power consumption, you reduce the quantity of harmful fumes released by power stations, protect the planet’s natural resources and defend our ecosystem from disruption.
By following these tips and gradually shifting towards reducing your energy consumption, you will add to a safer, sustainable, healthier and more beautiful planet Earth:
– Minimize driving
– Eat less animals & more plants
– Simplify your life as much as possible
– Reduce purchases in order to reduce end-waste
– Replace disposable materials with reusable ones
– Recycle your Solar Dried Foods packages
– Whenever possible, make your own products rather than buy them
– Avoid creating trash whenever possible
– Recycle all you can
– Plant a tree or start your own garden
– Do not waste food – eat your leftovers
– Eat smaller portions
– Donate food rather than throw it away
– Eat organic food and go green
– Whenever possible, keep lights off during the day – reduce power consumption
– Invest in renewable energy production
– Conserve water
– Use natural, cruelty-free, home-made body & beauty products
Let’s follow these wonderful tips in order to protect our air, save our environment and prevent climate change!