Did you know that food drying is the world’s most ancient form of food preservation?

Here are a few health benefits of Solar Dried Foods:

  • It has no preservatives, GMO materials or chemical additives – just the dried food itself!

  • It is portable and very easy to store – doesn’t take up much space in your shelves and you can eat it whenever you please!

  • It can account for healthy snacks packed with vitamins, fibre & minerals – a handful of Solar’s dried mango, tomato or banana can offer a healthy replacement to many sugar-filled, unhealthy snacks

  • It reduces waste and is environmentally-friendly

  • Dried fruit is a healthy choice for diabetics instead of dessert

  • Can be used in stews, gravy, soups and various dishes

  • Solar dried tomatoes are packed with antioxidants, fibre, vitamin K, protein, calcium, magnesium & phosphorus for strong bones and a healthy heart

  • Solar dried paprika is full of antibacterial proteins and vitamin C, which protects against cold, scurvy and protects the cardiovascular system

  • Solar dried garlic is packed with iron, copper, phosphorus and manganese for a healthy skeleton

  • Solar dried meat advantages include reduced exposure to antibiotic-resistant bacteria

  • Solar dried jalapenos have various nutritional benefits like heart-healthy vitamins, antioxidants and it decreases inflammation, as well as promotes weight loss

  • Solar dried Thai chili is a natural pain reliever, fights inflammation, clears congestion, has various cardiovascular benefits, boosts immunity, prevents stomach ulcers and lowers the risk of diabetes