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Did you know that food drying is the world’s most ancient form of food preservation? Here are a few health
1. Organic food is food that has been grown or processed without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, irradiation or
Every year, a carbon footprint is produced by releasing greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. Similarly, a food-print is also produced

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كل عام وانتم بخير.
نحن بنتمناها سنه لازدهار اقتصاد السودان ونهايه الوباء وننعم فيها بالصحه ان شاء الله 🙏وكمان منتجاتنا تتوفر في عشره بلدان جديده❤️
انتو بتتمنوا فيها شنو🤔
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#new_product #dried_dill
رحبوا معانا بمنتجنا الجديد من سولار فودز الشمار(الشبت) المجفف. منتجنا مختلف ♥️ لانو مجفف في شكل أعشاب مابهار 🌿 وأهم حاجه انو محتفظ بنكتهو وطعمو الأساسي 😋
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بالعيد فرحانين وفي البيت متلمين 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👧‍👧
كل سنه ونحن تأمين ولامين ❤️❤️❤️
#EidMubarak #عيد_مبارك
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الحاوي-العمارات ش١٥
العمارات سنتر الستين
العمارات سنتر الرياض
مروه سنتر المنشيه
النسمه ماركت الرياض مربع 10
الإحسان كافوري
الإحسان الصبابي
الإحسان الوادي
زاد سنتر المهندسين

ملاح التقليه وطاعم زي ملاح حبوبه كمان 😍

Credit : @habii_kh
Extro : Maha Isam Al-Deen

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#ParisAnlaşması’nı onaylamayan 7 ülke: Türkiye, Eritre, İran, Irak, Libya, Yemen ve Güney Sudan.

DEVA Partisi olarak tutumumuz net:

Türkiye, Paris Anlaşması’nı onaylamalı ve iklim krizi ile küresel mücadelede yerini almalıdır.

İklim krizi, beka sorunudur.

Satellite imagery of El Geneina (الجنينة) in Darfur, Sudan shows widespread burning of homes after ethnic violence on January 16 leaving at least 80 killed, 160+ wounded and more than 50,000 displaced.

Image @planetlabs

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Therefore, we apologize to our regulatory the able Central Bank of South Sudan, our representative of Bureau Union, all our esteemed clients, and customers.

To the public, please disregard the previous statement with grammatical errors, and the misleading information by Juba...

that we are comfortable with the South Sudan foreign exchange Auction.

We are dismissing this statement by Juba Monitor issue NO2166 because it is a false statement that was never issued by the Dahabshiil management. #SSOT

Press Statement

It has come to our attention that, the Juba Monitor newspaper headline dated 20th January 2021 was alarming that the Central Bank of South Sudan will close down the forex bureaus due to the alarming rate of USD inciting that Dahabshiil management gave a statement
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