Our Story

  • From a Dentistry to an entrepreneur Dr. Ala Hamdto has a passionate story to tell… the founder and Director of Solar food life wasnot rosy. There were lots of fluctuation in her life and many obstacles but she still insist to overcome it and be hope full for brighten future. “I move on because am creative, passionate and always believe that something great will happen down the road. This is my life philosophy “says Dr. Ala Hamdto.
  • This positive thinking seeds started to grow when her great dad Dr.Salih Hmdto started his own business and research in Solar projects in Sudan as he was previously doing steel business as a main source of income and then he decide to take 10 % out of profit to finance his solar projects, he mainly did diverse charitable projects for poor people out of Khartoum by making Solar cooking & solar dryer helping them flow with life difficulties easily. In a row he invent a solar dryer dried up to ton as a capacity and he had been awarded an international award. Consequently this awards was a wakeup call for Dr. Ala Hamadto as she did not accept her fate as being dentist for the rest of her life rather than believing in herself potential and decided to keep her dad legacy and follow his leads in which she starts drying foods using those solar dryers and day by day she worked rigorously in product development and did social marketing promotion, playing creative role in products packaging and product display stands. Subsequently her strong desire and hunger for success pushed her to boom the market and to put an impressive print in every Sudanese home .

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